09 September 2009

breath, stretch, cake

i understand that it has been a while since i last updated. we have been on a low-key buying binge. slowly yet steadily, we are purchasing the parts of the centerpieces, elements of the favors, bridesmaid's gifts, and more. i am really glad we started early... i would be SO stressed out if i had all of that on my plate in addition to the certain haze of the next three months.

that being said, we tasted food and cake at the peabody today.

i am not sure how much money we would save if we hired a caterer and had our reception at another site, but i know whatever we're paying extra is WORTH IT! the food was AMAZING, and do not be fooled: the peabody does not order from some wholesale warehouse. the food they make is HAND made, from scratch. and it is delicious. also, we hardly have to decorate because the room where we are having th reception is already beautiful. i would post some pictures, but i want everyone to be surprised :)

we also took our engagement pictures at the beginning of august. this is was one of those things i couldn't decide on. part of me thought it was a bit wasteful, and part of me really wanted to have some fun pictures celebrating our engagement. i am glad we did it! see ALL of them (or just have a browse--i have not sorted through them at all!) at http://thecountries2009.shutterfly.com/.

jordan simmons did our photos and brought her SWEET friend meagan summers along to shoot. it was SO fun and i love the momento we now have of our engagment bliss. if you're teetering, do it! just make sure that you are able to get a feel of your photographer's style before signing up!

that's all for today. more soon, because we are have a date with the florist on saturday and a PLANNING party in two weeks! tomorrow will be 100 days until i marry my best friend--the only person in the world who will put up with me.

cheers, a.

02 May 2009


i decided to drop the "a:" because, let's be honest: john is never going to post again!

well, wedding plans are kind of at a halt because we have a while to go, and all the things that are supposed to take a long time (choosing a dress, reception location, vendors, etc.) is pretty much finished! we have really tackled this. what can i expect with a go-getter mom like mrs. beverly. seriously. we are excited about the "real" planning, as things get a little bit closer. in fact, we almost caught ourselves wishing that this part would give way to the "excitement" of being a little closer to december. but, it's MAY! that means there are just a little more than 7 months away! seven months goes by really fast, especially when three of those are summer months.

one of the things i love most, though, is registering! it's really the one time in our lives when we can choose things we want and actually get them (probably). it's so fun to wander up and down the aisles, imagining all the different things we'll be using in our future together. it's like playing make believe--except it's real. i am kind of indecisive, so john probably finds it tedious, but he likes pointing the scanning gun at least. :)

my only tip to anyone who is registering is to try and divide the rooms you are furnishing by store! it helps. we're trying to focus on kitchen gadgets, our bedroom, and entertaining at bed bath & beyond; tabletop and linens at dillards; specialty decor and some furniture at pottery barn; and hardware (tools and honey-do items!) and best price things at target. of course, it never comes out that simple, but it adds some method to the madnes. we are registering for everything we want and need, because even if no one purchases the $400 vacuum cleaner we want, we can get a sweet discount on it after the wedding.

but, it's like you always hear: the most important part is to have fun! i was getting way to serious about getting the right number of dessert plates and wine glasses, and i was making it stressful to john and myself. once i lightened up and started letting him scan everything we liked, it became FUN! there is only one (hopefully) wedding registry in your life... carpe diem!

13 April 2009

a: engagement.

we are having an engagement party this weekend. the parents, the brothers and sister, and the "pre-marital counselors" will all be there. i'm excited about that, because john's and my parents haven't all had the time to it together and chat. in fact, my parents haven't even met john's step-dad. this will be a great evening to just get to know one another.

our families are really different -- city and country folks -- but i think our parents both have genuinely good hearts, so i believe it will go well. i love his family, and i think he likes mine okay, so i hope everyone shares in the love! either way, there will be some great food and lots of laughs (we're all a little bit crazy, too!).

as far as planning goes, i have nothing new to share! i haven't been doing ANYTHING -- every weekend this month is full! since i said that, though, i guess i'll start thinking more about the reception favors. i love love LOVE notbeig stressed out by this wedding.

i just thought about something yesterday that made me smile. the greenwoods gave us an easter basket that said, "to john and aleasa, with love". most of the things i get for the rest of my life are going to say "to john and aleasa". that's nice.

02 April 2009

a: tux.

for some reason, i thought the tuxedos would be the easiest part of dressing the wedding party. not so much.

yesterday, my mom and i went to finalize tuxes. we went back and forth over the vest and shirt, even the entire tux for the groomsmen and ushers. it was really an ordeal. if you are planning a wedding, don't leave this til the last minute! it seemed like the girls would be the hardest to outfit.. or me. but no, it was the men. at least for me. i'm relieved we got it done already; if i had waited til august to start, we would have been pushing it.

so the biggest tip so far: start early. that way you can do one thing at a time, and make sure it's really the way you like it. it seems like stuff is getting done WAY early, but really, it's just saving me stress in the long run. and i don't have to "settle" for anything this way. i can like it, dislike it, change it, boot it.. whatever. because i know there is time. and i love it this way.

i LOVE wedding planning. it's so fun. the best part is registering, because it's a sneak peek into day-to-day life with john.

and that is sweet.

22 March 2009

a: dress nice.. we have to register.

the "official" proposal came yesterday and it will be a day i never forget. i did not think there would be a second proposal but believe me, he did it right.

if you want to hear the story, i'll tell it. or you can read the short version on my blog. john does have sweet bones in his body. and he proved it yesterday.

aside from that, the dress is chosen and purchased. i think we're making good time (at least on the things we can get out of the way ahead of time). the guest list has reached 236, and we aren't quite sure how that happened. or how we will feed them all...

at any rate, this has been by far the greatest weekend i have ever had in my life. a funny thing happened, too. i used to see scenarios of women being held up and having difficulty parting with their wedding rings. i thought it was dumb. until yesterday.

i guess that's what they call "perspective".

09 March 2009

a: moody mooday

my mom is meeting with the sweet lady anne at the peabody... arkansas ballroom, here we come!

i absolutely LOVE the reception site. it's so classy. we are tossing ideas around now about the decorations on the table. i decided to embrace the christmas time of year and allow all white christmas lights SOMEWHERE in the decor. we'll make sure it's not tacky.

this weekend, john was in town. (hence the post.. i had to make him do it haha.) we went to benihana with some friends from our school days, kat and gary. after we left, john asked me if we're going to start hanging out with married couples now. i laughed... next weekend we're having dinner with my brother and his wife. i guess we are growing up.

i'll be 25 on wednesday. i suppose this is the inevitable.

geriatrically yours,

08 March 2009

j: so..i was wondering what you were doing for the rest of your life.

so i finally made it..yeah..thats right..im officially "blogging". First of all let me say that I'm really excited about the things that are happening and things that are to come in the next few months :) With that being said..i guess thats all i got to say..ha..just kidding..i have a little more to add to this.. Believe it or not..im kind of excited about all the planning and the way the wedding is gonna work out. So far i agree with everything she says..(because thats the best thing to do..atleast all the married men have told me that)..but..im not a very creative person so I'm glad she has more than enough for both us. but i guess thats all for now. I'll be posting more in the days to come.