02 May 2009


i decided to drop the "a:" because, let's be honest: john is never going to post again!

well, wedding plans are kind of at a halt because we have a while to go, and all the things that are supposed to take a long time (choosing a dress, reception location, vendors, etc.) is pretty much finished! we have really tackled this. what can i expect with a go-getter mom like mrs. beverly. seriously. we are excited about the "real" planning, as things get a little bit closer. in fact, we almost caught ourselves wishing that this part would give way to the "excitement" of being a little closer to december. but, it's MAY! that means there are just a little more than 7 months away! seven months goes by really fast, especially when three of those are summer months.

one of the things i love most, though, is registering! it's really the one time in our lives when we can choose things we want and actually get them (probably). it's so fun to wander up and down the aisles, imagining all the different things we'll be using in our future together. it's like playing make believe--except it's real. i am kind of indecisive, so john probably finds it tedious, but he likes pointing the scanning gun at least. :)

my only tip to anyone who is registering is to try and divide the rooms you are furnishing by store! it helps. we're trying to focus on kitchen gadgets, our bedroom, and entertaining at bed bath & beyond; tabletop and linens at dillards; specialty decor and some furniture at pottery barn; and hardware (tools and honey-do items!) and best price things at target. of course, it never comes out that simple, but it adds some method to the madnes. we are registering for everything we want and need, because even if no one purchases the $400 vacuum cleaner we want, we can get a sweet discount on it after the wedding.

but, it's like you always hear: the most important part is to have fun! i was getting way to serious about getting the right number of dessert plates and wine glasses, and i was making it stressful to john and myself. once i lightened up and started letting him scan everything we liked, it became FUN! there is only one (hopefully) wedding registry in your life... carpe diem!

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