13 April 2009

a: engagement.

we are having an engagement party this weekend. the parents, the brothers and sister, and the "pre-marital counselors" will all be there. i'm excited about that, because john's and my parents haven't all had the time to it together and chat. in fact, my parents haven't even met john's step-dad. this will be a great evening to just get to know one another.

our families are really different -- city and country folks -- but i think our parents both have genuinely good hearts, so i believe it will go well. i love his family, and i think he likes mine okay, so i hope everyone shares in the love! either way, there will be some great food and lots of laughs (we're all a little bit crazy, too!).

as far as planning goes, i have nothing new to share! i haven't been doing ANYTHING -- every weekend this month is full! since i said that, though, i guess i'll start thinking more about the reception favors. i love love LOVE notbeig stressed out by this wedding.

i just thought about something yesterday that made me smile. the greenwoods gave us an easter basket that said, "to john and aleasa, with love". most of the things i get for the rest of my life are going to say "to john and aleasa". that's nice.

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