02 April 2009

a: tux.

for some reason, i thought the tuxedos would be the easiest part of dressing the wedding party. not so much.

yesterday, my mom and i went to finalize tuxes. we went back and forth over the vest and shirt, even the entire tux for the groomsmen and ushers. it was really an ordeal. if you are planning a wedding, don't leave this til the last minute! it seemed like the girls would be the hardest to outfit.. or me. but no, it was the men. at least for me. i'm relieved we got it done already; if i had waited til august to start, we would have been pushing it.

so the biggest tip so far: start early. that way you can do one thing at a time, and make sure it's really the way you like it. it seems like stuff is getting done WAY early, but really, it's just saving me stress in the long run. and i don't have to "settle" for anything this way. i can like it, dislike it, change it, boot it.. whatever. because i know there is time. and i love it this way.

i LOVE wedding planning. it's so fun. the best part is registering, because it's a sneak peek into day-to-day life with john.

and that is sweet.

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