22 March 2009

a: dress nice.. we have to register.

the "official" proposal came yesterday and it will be a day i never forget. i did not think there would be a second proposal but believe me, he did it right.

if you want to hear the story, i'll tell it. or you can read the short version on my blog. john does have sweet bones in his body. and he proved it yesterday.

aside from that, the dress is chosen and purchased. i think we're making good time (at least on the things we can get out of the way ahead of time). the guest list has reached 236, and we aren't quite sure how that happened. or how we will feed them all...

at any rate, this has been by far the greatest weekend i have ever had in my life. a funny thing happened, too. i used to see scenarios of women being held up and having difficulty parting with their wedding rings. i thought it was dumb. until yesterday.

i guess that's what they call "perspective".

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