09 September 2009

breath, stretch, cake

i understand that it has been a while since i last updated. we have been on a low-key buying binge. slowly yet steadily, we are purchasing the parts of the centerpieces, elements of the favors, bridesmaid's gifts, and more. i am really glad we started early... i would be SO stressed out if i had all of that on my plate in addition to the certain haze of the next three months.

that being said, we tasted food and cake at the peabody today.

i am not sure how much money we would save if we hired a caterer and had our reception at another site, but i know whatever we're paying extra is WORTH IT! the food was AMAZING, and do not be fooled: the peabody does not order from some wholesale warehouse. the food they make is HAND made, from scratch. and it is delicious. also, we hardly have to decorate because the room where we are having th reception is already beautiful. i would post some pictures, but i want everyone to be surprised :)

we also took our engagement pictures at the beginning of august. this is was one of those things i couldn't decide on. part of me thought it was a bit wasteful, and part of me really wanted to have some fun pictures celebrating our engagement. i am glad we did it! see ALL of them (or just have a browse--i have not sorted through them at all!) at http://thecountries2009.shutterfly.com/.

jordan simmons did our photos and brought her SWEET friend meagan summers along to shoot. it was SO fun and i love the momento we now have of our engagment bliss. if you're teetering, do it! just make sure that you are able to get a feel of your photographer's style before signing up!

that's all for today. more soon, because we are have a date with the florist on saturday and a PLANNING party in two weeks! tomorrow will be 100 days until i marry my best friend--the only person in the world who will put up with me.

cheers, a.

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