08 March 2009

j: so..i was wondering what you were doing for the rest of your life.

so i finally made it..yeah..thats right..im officially "blogging". First of all let me say that I'm really excited about the things that are happening and things that are to come in the next few months :) With that being said..i guess thats all i got to say..ha..just kidding..i have a little more to add to this.. Believe it or not..im kind of excited about all the planning and the way the wedding is gonna work out. So far i agree with everything she says..(because thats the best thing to do..atleast all the married men have told me that)..but..im not a very creative person so I'm glad she has more than enough for both us. but i guess thats all for now. I'll be posting more in the days to come.


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