09 March 2009

a: moody mooday

my mom is meeting with the sweet lady anne at the peabody... arkansas ballroom, here we come!

i absolutely LOVE the reception site. it's so classy. we are tossing ideas around now about the decorations on the table. i decided to embrace the christmas time of year and allow all white christmas lights SOMEWHERE in the decor. we'll make sure it's not tacky.

this weekend, john was in town. (hence the post.. i had to make him do it haha.) we went to benihana with some friends from our school days, kat and gary. after we left, john asked me if we're going to start hanging out with married couples now. i laughed... next weekend we're having dinner with my brother and his wife. i guess we are growing up.

i'll be 25 on wednesday. i suppose this is the inevitable.

geriatrically yours,

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