27 February 2009

a: reception

it has commenced.

my mom and i looked at the peabody and the wyndham hotels yesterday. of course, the peabody took our breath away. my mom agrees that she hardly even wants to look anywhere else; i don't either. even the catering manager was super nice.. this was a sharp contrast to the wyndham. the room was not as impressive though the price was similar, but the kicker was the catering manager: NOT professional at all.

this lady has emailed me ONCE (with several spelling errors i might add), ignored my response email in which i asked a simple question, AND ignored my 2 phone calls. we just happened to catch her on her way out the door.. at 4:15 in the afternoon. i do not want to do business there. ugh.

john liked the peabody too. we are planning on having an "after party", either in the reception room or somewhere downtown. it seems like that would be a lot of fun for some of our younger, more... fun loving friends :)

the most excited,

p.s. we are "still looking" at reception venues. i think we'll see you at the peabody.

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